APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: searching for the B to my V

Monday, October 9, 2017
top- H+M similar
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Miz Mooz

Happy Monday Chickadees!
Okay I realize I said I'd be posting everyday, but just hang in there with me, I'm trying, I really am. Life is just getting the best of me here in Savannah! I'm so busy with all the work I have, and just constant things to be done and do, I often find myself in bed at night, desperately in need of sleep realizing, "Oh... yeah, I totally didn't blog today." For that I do sincerely apologize, but just wait, I have things to post I really do!! Good things are coming!! Hang in there!!

As for these photos!!!! I'm obsessed. My friend Robin and I went out to a diner that's stuck in the 50s to get some retro shots, complete of course with strawberry milkshakes and waffles! Riverdale comes out again this week (any fans out there??) for season 2 and I'm beyond excited! Another one of my friends, Savannah, and I are having a lil viewing party, which will be so much fun! But yeah... These photos are giving me total Pop's vibes and I'm loving it! So as the title of this post says, I'm seeking a Betty, I feel like I'm more of a Veronica than anything, and what's a Veronica without her Betty!? So come on y'all, fill out your applications, I'm on the hunt. xo


  1. UMMMMMMM YES YES YES GIRL. i’m the biggest riverdale fan and i’m obsessed with this shoot and you and ahhhh i love this! can i be your B???

  2. Name: Mackenzie Biele
    Favorite show: Riverdale (I've watched season 1: 8 times... i can recite it for you and I know the dance off dance)

    Favorite songs: Come to Me by the Goo Goo Dolls, Million Miles Away by Keegan Allen, Why by Sabrina Carpenter

    Favorite Movie: Great Gatsby, Rebel without a Cause

    Favorite Book: Harry Potter

    Okay so I found you on Youtube. I plan on attending SCAD for fashion design with minors in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Journalism. From there I was like this girl is hilarious (You're cooking video was fantastic). I was like we have similar tastes and I love her style. So here I am at your blog. I am very much a Cheryl/Betty, but I am down for a good leather jacket so Jughead works too. I collect jackets and I live for wide leg pants. I wear heels everyday and I love a good Audrey Hepburn movie marathon.

    You can find me @Mack_et_la_mode on Instagram if this application is good :)

    1. This application is MORE than good, girl!!
      Congrats, you're my B!


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