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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hello Lovebugs, happy Saturday! Although this weekend hasn't exactly flown by like all the others have, it doesn't mean I'm not ready for it to end. I have PILES, and I mean PILESSSS of work still to do. I really don't like working on Sundays either, who does! So hopefully I can get if not everything, most of my work done today. We are home now from Hilton Head, which although sad, I really did have so much to do and I'm glad I can be here to get it done. Monday and Tuesday are going to be insanity, just because I have something due in every single class and they are some of my biggest projects yet! BUT I do have Thursday to look forward to! That's when Ally is coming into town and I literally CANNOT WAIT!! I have a whole list of all the amazing things we are going to do and UGH JUST YOU WAIT! It's going to be fantastic, get ready for a vlog ;) I'm so excited to have my lil bae in Savannah, we are going to have so much fun.

As for this outfit, I really really do love it, I felt like a little kid and that was the best part! I need to start wearing bows in my hair again, it's honestly the funnest thing ever! I love how neck scarves are so versatile, I may do a post sometime soon on all the ways to use a scarf, because believe me they are just about infinite! I shot these photos with my new friend Brooke in the RAIN, but she's just too cute, when she's around there's always sunshine! I'm actually doing a really fun shoot with her tomorrow which will be a lot of fun, so look out for that :)

Anyway, I gotta go shower and then bury myself in fashion illustrations... So until tomorrow chickies! xo, O

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