Sunday, April 30, 2017
Hey Hey y'all!
Sorry I'm a little late on the posting, but here is this weeks video!! Every year here at SCAD in Savannah, students, alumni, and prospective students take to the sidewalks with nothing but chalk!! Some of the pieces created were absolutely amazing!
Maybe one day I'll get a square of my own and try my hand at chalk drawing... Anyway, hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed the event itself :) xo, O



Thursday, April 27, 2017
Hello Hello! I know it's been so long since I've done one of these for y'all, but I'm excited to bring the monthly playlists back!! This playlist is sort of all over the place, but it's all pretty much just upbeat, good tunes! (For the most part at least) 

For those of you without a spotify, here are the youtube links to all the songs :)

Don't Kill My Vibe- Sigrid I really love this music video and Sigrid in general, check her out

Enjoy!! And follow me on Spotify :) xo,O


Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Hello Hello loves, and HAPPY FESTIVAL SEASON!! As I'm sure you all know, Coachella ended this past weekend, marking the start of a wonderful festival season! I'm so excited to say that I once again partnered up with Mamie Ruth + M.Liz, a local boutique here in Savannah (they have a website too for all you non-locals!!) to create the ultimate festival wardrobe!! I had SO much fun putting together all these outfits, and styling my beautiful friends! I can't think of a better brand to show off this year when jamming out at all the festivals this summer! Mamie Ruth + M.Liz is so fantastically bohemian and playful, bringing all the best festival vibes! Check out their site and store on Liberty st to buy some fresh festival goodies for yourself!!! <3 And scroll down to enjoy the BEST lookbook ever! Enjoy!!!! xo, O

All clothes Mamie Ruth 
All jewelry M. Liz
Photos and Video by Taylor Wedding (insta)


BEACH RETREAT // #sobeehive

Monday, April 24, 2017
Good morning loves!

First of all, I am honestly so sorry I haven't been consistent with my posting, it's mid term week and all I have been doing is sitting in my room in pajamas making art history flashcards and filling out diagrams of Grecian temples... absolutely riveting I know. Basically the only chance I've had to do anything other than study has been to eat, not nearly enough time to blog. What I wouldn't give to be on the beach with a cone of Rita's in my hand...

BUT here I am, sitting in intro to fashion design, waiting for my professor to come over and look at my collection progress and blogging while I wait. Over Easter weekend, Nate came down to Savannah and surprised me, it was amazing! I had such a fantastic weekend with him! On Saturday we went to Hilton Head for a beach day! The beach was crowded but we walked down a good bit to where it wasn't so congested, and although I did get a nice burn on my butt thanks to falling asleep in the sun, we had a good time. These are some photos Nate took :)

Also! The cute bikini tee I'm wearing in the first photo and some others as well, is my #sobeehive top! If you want 15% off anything Beehive, scroll down below for the coupon code!!



Thursday, April 20, 2017
Hello hello everybody! I'm so so excited to share this Savannah Spotlight with you all! Just the other day Cher and I were on an Art History field trip and we walked passed this ADORABLE new coffee shop that actually JUST opened about two weeks ago. If you're from the area or have ever been to Savannah I'm sure you've heard of either Foxy Loxy or Coffee Fox, well they are the owned by the same people, and Henny Penny is their newest addition! So OBVIOUSLY it's delicious! I'll be honest with you here, I think I like Henny Penny the best. I'm not one for the typical cozy dark coffee shop brewski kinda place, so when I saw Henny Penny, having everything Foxy does and more AND being bright and colorful, I was ALL over it! After Cher and I tried it out, we knew we had to show the other gals, so after class today Alli, Cher, Rachel and I all walked to Henny Penny and spent a few hours there! It was fabulous :)
I got the vegan cinnamon roll and a homemade lemonade (not pictured), but the cinnabun was SO delicious! Henny Penny has so many vegan options too, I wanted to try them all, but that just means I have to go back right? All their food is made in house too, which makes it smell divine at all times, and if that's not the best thing ever, I don't know what is...
Not only is Henny Penny an adorable coffee shop, BUT it is 110% kid friendly! In the back they have crafts and little tables for little ones! When we first arrived there were a bunch of cute little kids coloring and having a good time, obviously I didn't take photos of that though, just cause, parents and what not, but like still... it was pretty cute.
And not only not ONLY is Henny Penny a coffee shop meets little kid palace, it's also a little art store! So they sell things made by local artists and crafters! I wish I had more money with me today, I soooo wanted to buy some of the greeting cards, they were all so fun!
Overall, I give Henny Penny a 10/10, I can't wait to go back and actually bring enough money to buy some more gifts and goodies :)

Henny Penny is located on 1514 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401
open 6 days a week 6:30am-6pm, closed on Sunday

I hope you all check it out for yourselves and love it as much as I do :) let me know if you do go! I'd love to hear what you think! Until next time, xo, O