Saturday, January 21, 2017

tshirt- Daisy Natives 

HELLO! As you all [SHOULD] know, today, January 21, 2017, was the Women's March on Washington. Unfortunately, due to school, having way too much work, a short weekend, and lack of transportation, I was unable to make it up to Washington, D.C. for the march, BUT! There was a satellite march HERE IN SAVANNAH! So OBVIOUSLY I went! It was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE to stand beside such inspiring motivated people who are NOT willing to give up on what they believe in. Yesterday I was heartbroken about the reality of our country and today I stood up and am endlessly proud to call myself a woman in America. Thank you to everyone who came out, I loved meeting so many new and inspiring friends, you know who you are, stay GOLDEN!!! I hope y'all enjoy this video. Today was fantastic :) PLEASE comment down below any of your thoughts/words of wisdom/if you marched your stories and experience!!!


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  1. WOW and wow..... SO prouda you for making this momentous experience happen for yourself -- and for being inspiration to each and every person who is reading this, or who witnessed your enthusiasm at the march -- just as others inspired YOU by merely seeing them at the march. NEVER stop speaking your mind, standing up for what is right & just and keeping yourself true and whole in the process.


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