Life Lately

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
jumpsuit- Forever 21

goooOOOOD MORNING! Guys, life is so good right now, everyday I've been sleeping in yet still getting a lot done. Being productive feels SOO good. Like SO GOOD! I mean, it'll be little things, like trying a new recipe or hanging out with my best friend, or adventuring with Nate, I don't know, really anything! Just doing more, not sitting around watching YouTube all day or slumping in my little cove upstairs on the third floor, away from everyone else.

But lately, like has been busy and good. Just so so good. I got a new laptop last night, since mine got STOLLEN (still very bitter. If my thief is out there on MY computer reading this... I hope you accidentally trip into a vat of garlic and get garlic in your eyes, cause let me tell you GARLIC IN THE EYES IS NOT FUN.) Ha! Okay I officially sound like a crazy person... Anyway, I got a new laptop and it is so speedy and so sleek and OOOH! I am totally geeking out about it still. This is my first ever ME computer, all my computers before have been owned by my school, but now I'M the admin and only I can control what happens here mwahahaha... okay. That's enough

These photos were taken by my cousin in New Orleans last weeeek (was it last week? jeez I've been doing so much I don't even know) And I just love them! I know I posted one of these photos on Instagram a million years ago and was like, "New Post coming Sooooon! ;)" and then soon was like eighty years later, well it's here now, so enjoyyyyy.


A MONTHLY PLAYLIST?! WHAT?! If you noticed on my sidebar, that monthly playlist has been set to January since, well, January. It's June... If you also noticed, I'm super consistent and really really good at keeping up with things like this so like, nbd, here's your monthly playlist.

This month things have been so SO busy, so I decided to keep my playlist chill. It's relaxing but also something you can, ya know, vibe to, ya feel? Okay here's the dang playlist:

Cat Eye

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Hey Guys!! I just got these sunglasses in New York at Beacon's Closet and I am in LOVE!! I've been looking for some clear cat eye glasses and of COURSE New York didn't let me down. I just got home a few days ago and I miss it already. I LOVE the city and all I want to do is go back. I took a bunch of photos and will post those later this week :)

And now, I'm finally home for a bit before I head off to Savannah next week :) What are you guys up to this summer? Sorry my posts have been so short lately, I've either been so busy and unable to post or just hanging out and not having a lot to say! So that's all! xoxo


Thursday, June 23, 2016
Heyo! Today I leave for New York and jeeeeez I am so tired. Luckily, I have this book I started on the plane two days ago and havent been able to put down, however I did reserve the rest of it for my train ride today so that should be good!! This is a super short and sweet post, but these are just some more pics from New Orleanssss :)

I know I have posted this dress before, but I just love it so much it's hard not to! Who doesn't love a floral dress? Unfortunatly it is short as heck so I literally cannot even lift my arms or bend over EVER. But that's my only bad news. Hope you don't have any! xo

Blue House Tour

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
top- Chicos // jeans, shoes, glasses- Forever 21

HEY! Surprise! I'm in New Orleans!!!!

Okay that technically is a lie as I sit here at my mom's makeshift desk in our just liveable new house in Richmond. However, this time yesterday I was in good ol' Nola when these photos were taken by my cousin. (Thanks btw Harrison) I was only in town for five days staying with my cousins, the trip flew by. I went down to LA to help my aunt with putting together her capsule collection, so modeling her dresses, and fixing up her site. All good things! I met some good people, ate a whole bunch of good food and had an all around good time! My trip was for sure way to short though, I must go back soon!!

While we were trying to find places to take these photos Harrison and I decided this would be the "Blue House Photoshoot" and we scouted out all the best blue houses in the Bywater area. Everything is SO colorful there! I wanted to scoop it up and just bring it back with me to RVA, too many bricks here... waaaaayyy too many bricks.
Okay, so here's some fun news. This summer since I'm not going to camp and I have a million and one jobs and places to be, blog posts will probably get a little bit behind. I leave for New York tomorrow (only one day to breathe inbetween travels SOS) but I still have two more posts from New Orleans to upload. So just bear with me. My instagram and blog will not match up. If you are really curious as to where I actually am, Instagram is the best for that. But just know that these posts are going to start to get a little backed up until I'm home for a second to breathe. THANK YOU xoxoxox I love you guys :)

Makin' My Way Downtown...

Monday, June 13, 2016
Hey Y'all, Soooooo... The internet is yet to be fully setup in my new house and I just wrote out this super cute, drawn out post about how I love biking around my new neighborhood and how close all these cute little mom and pop, locally owned stores in my area are. BUTTTTTT then my internet spazzed and I lost the whole thing... So that was cool.

Basically what I was saying, was just how nice it is that everything is in biking distance, including Ally's house! Woohoo!!! Everything is so beautiful down here, I'm really digging my new neighborhood. What is your favorite thing about where you live? xo

Hey! I Moved!!

Friday, June 10, 2016
Hey!! Wondering why it's been absolutely silent around here for a few weeks? WELL that's because I've fully moved! Said my last goodbye to my old house on Wednesday, which, if I'm honest, didn't even seem real. As you may have seen from my Instagram I've been at the Gov Ball music festival, spending time in New York City and in Connecticut, so I haven't even really been around to post anyway. I'm a busy girl!!! I didn't even bring my DSLR to Gov Ball in fear it would get ruined, but I did have three disposable cameras, which I will be posting the photos from very VERY soon. 

So long story short, I've been busy either traveling or packing up my life. BUT I'm beginning to settle down here, spent my first night, of many, here in the new house, and am excited for the summer ahead! Here are some photos of me at my new house in our backyard. Enjoy! What have you guys been up to? 

wearing: top- Forever 21 // necklace- Show The Love // skirt- thrifted
Did I mention we have KOI! How cute is this guy? "HELLOOOO!!!" hahaha love him xo