Back To Back

Monday, November 30, 2015
dress + belt- Forever 21 // hat- Target

Hey fam. Lately we've been struck with some massive heat waves. And as much as climate change horrifies me, I'm a big fan of the sunshine and wearing all things short and backless. I've worn this hat over, and over, and over again, and I LOVE wide brim flippy hats and they aren't hard to come by but they can be expensive and I for some reason, in all my shopping endeavors, have yet to buy another. Here are some of my favorites, 1 // 2 // 3 // 4. I'm asking for a few for Christmas, maybe Santa is feeling generous this year (fingers crossed). As far as this dress goes, I am obsessed with EVERYTHING backless. Bring on all the backless dresses please!

So unfortunately, (you can't tell in these photos), but I have been pretty sick lately. The glands in my throat are so so swollen and so painful. YUCK! Also, my lips are infinitely chapped and killing me. And when my lips get chapped it's not like, "Oh yeah put some chap stick on it'll be better!" No. I wish. It's more like, "Okay, well carry this Vaseline around with you everywhere in hopes your lips wont burn and bleed anymore and pray you wont get made fun of for the perpetual ring of glossy Vaseline around your mouth." It's a nightmare.

In other news, school starts again tomorrow, ugh... I hope y'all have been doing well, no chapped lips and free schedules? That's the dream...


Room Tour

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Hello! The other day while I was cleaning my room I realized it's been a really long time since I did my last room tour (1, 2) and since I'm moving pretty soon, I thought why not give you a last look before things change. Better late then never right? Let me know what you think :)

End Of The Day

Sunday, November 22, 2015
overalls- Gap // boots- Forever 21 // crop top- Zara

Hey guys!! I took these photos early last week. And I'm sorry but I have just been so exhausted lately and unmotivated. Senior slide? Probably... And right now I have an entire essay and an Anatomy test to study for for tomorrow and I'm still blogging. #priorities. All I've been doing is listening to Made In The A.M. and yes, this post is titled after a One Direction song... I couldn't help it.

I love this outfit. As always, I'm a sucker for overalls, and with this lacey crop top, even better! The weather was really weird when I took these photos, it was 68 degrees! In November!! WHAT!? Now thankfully, the seasons have gotten their ish together and it's cold the way it should be. So get excited for scarves and coats!!! And get ready for me complaining I don't live in Australia where it's SUMMER! Ugh, I'm SO glad I'm going to school in Georgia where it's warm. Ahh yes, the sweet sweet south :)



Thursday, November 19, 2015
Hey guys! I absolutely loved doing this photoshoot this weekend. I was a little Lacey Claire wannabe when jumping around and posing. If you've seen this cycle of America's Next Top Model you'd know what I mean...I've been trying forever to find a way to incorporate these pants into an outfit but it's been sorta hard, they are too dressy for school or just hanging out and just hard to style in general. Yes they are SO amazing, but very highwaisted and ultra long. I mean I'm sorta tall, but these are pants made for Karlie Kloss. Only in a dream world would Karlie and I share clothes... Okay but can we also talk about this top for a second... the FRINGE! HOLY WOW! SO FABULOUS! I honestly have no words, these photos are enough.

What do y'all have planned for this weekend? I've got auditions for the "Winter One Acts" coming up which I'm also excited for. That's pretty much it, nothing newwww.... xo

Bandannas + some exciting news!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
sweater- Forever 21 // hat- Target // jeans- Forever 21 (ripped by me) // shoes- TrendsGal

Bandannas, ripped jeans and black hats man, what's better? Probably nothing... at least not when it comes to my wardrobe radar at the moment that is. I feel like I have totally worn this outfit here many times before, but honestly it's pretty hard not to repeat and redo outfits when it comes to blogging. Surprise! I don't have a zillion clothes! And I do rewear outfits! Like ALL THE TIME! But who doesn't... Kylie Jenner probably... Speaking of, do y'all follow her on Snapchat? Cause I did but I just had to unfollow cause I was too overwhelmed with a billion seconds everyday of videos of her just listening to rap music pursing her lips moving the camera around to get different angles, and her putting her entire hand over Tyga's face... pls I don't need that in my life rn Kylizzle, chill...

Besides being overwhelmed by Kylizzlemynizzle on Snapchat, my life has been SO BUSY! Between tech week and the musical every day to various art instalations and exhibits to college college college...

But now, I FINALLY can catch a breath because....... not only is the show over but............. I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! SCAD CLASS OF 2020 HERE I COME! I am SO excited! I got into my number one school! I'm so hype to be a Bee!!! I can't wait! EEEEP!!! More news on that coming soon!! xoxo


Sunday, November 8, 2015
on me: romper and sun glasses- DressIn // shoes- Hidden Fashion // socks- Target
on Cammie: shorts- DressIn // shirt- Forever 21

Hello Hello Hello! I'm alive! Sorry I've been MIA for an entire week, not posting really makes me feel so disconnected from yall which I hate! But I'm back and better than ever because this time, once again, back at it with DRESSIN! WOOHOO! This time they sent me this totally adorable romper, and these Dior look-alike sunnies :) I'm a huge fan. And although it is November, we've been having a few pop-up warm days here and there, so it's perfect for days like that. Also, Cammie is wearing the DressIn jean shorts from our first collab ;)

Thank you DressIn!

In other news, I finally finished applying to my dream school today! Which is SO SUPER EXCITING! Guys, this is actually happening, my future is ahead of me I GOT THIS! (I'm in a really good mood if you couldn't tell...) However, it is terribly late and I desperately need sleep. XO!


November Playlist

Monday, November 2, 2015
Good morning <3 I hope everyone is loving this extra hour of sleep as much as I am! Here's the thing with November, seeing as it's not yet Christmas season, and at least here in Richmond, it's not snowing anytime soon, it's easy to get into a winter funk. Get kinda gloom and blue, so that is why I made my November playlist nothing but happy good jams. There are some oldies and some new ones, but all goodies ;) Enjoy!




Sunday, November 1, 2015
Hey guys! Happy belated Halloween! I hope you all had fabulous weekends. I sure did! Here is a short and sweet little video of how my Halloween went down.
Have a great week! See ya tomorrow with a November playlist! <3