Shades Of Cool

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
romper- Tobi // shoes- Trendsgal

TGIW am I right ladies?!!! Sorry I've been MIA for twelve billion years, but I've been SO FLIPPING BUSY! Oh my god... don't even get me started, the sleep I'm not getting right now is too much. Honestly, way too much... And I know I posted one of these photos on Instagram the other day saying "coming soooon" and then just never posted... sorry for that... like I said, busy busy busy!

Other than all that, currently the weather has been nothing but nastyness. It'll rain, it'll pour, it's humid and just gross. Where the heck if fall already?! It's basically October people, come on Mother Nature... But hey, I guess while it's still 80 out I can wear lil rompers like this!! Just how cute is it?! It's actually my friend's sisters, but I LOVE it, I'm not ready to part and give it back....

The State Fair is this weekend and I'm going with a few of my friends, what are you guys looking forward to this weekend? xo


Monday, September 21, 2015
skirt + top- Forever 21 // hat- Target

Monday MonDAY MONDAY! Good morning little love bugs <3 It's still sunny and 85 degrees here, yet I refuse to not fully embrace fall. It's coming I swear!! I recently bought this skirt in a reletivly large skirt haul from Forever 21 and I love it!! The only down side to it is that I have an ittybitty waist so a small fits my butt and legs but not my waist, so I have to pin it ;( Quite the sob story I know... And yes, this post is named after a Lana Del Rey song... what else?

I hope everyone's weekend was just as fabulous as mine! I spent mine with my grandma getting manicures and my *first* pedicure! We went out to eat a bunch and watched a ton of movies! It was fabulous! But now I have an anatomy test, portfolio review, and meetings today and SAT prep all week... and UGH NO TIME TO EVEN BLINK! Okay okay okay I got this. I hope you guys have a less stressful week! Only five days till the weekend !!! xo


Saturday, September 19, 2015
shirt- Urban Outfitters// leggings- Forever 21 // boots- Hidden Fashion // necklace- Show The Love

Hello!! At last, I am back and better than ever! And now, with BANGS! What do you think? It was just about a week ago when I was babysitting trolling around on pinterest after they went to bed and just fell in love with bangs all over again. If you remember, this is not the first time I've had bangs... I think I did a better job a second time around though, lol. Now with bangs I feel either super edgy or super folky and I LOVE it. Also I love channeling my inner Lacey from America's Next Top Model which is a HUGE plus. Not only is she the best (next to Nyle duh) but she's absolutely stunning! WOOHOO! #bangerz

Lately school's really been catching up to me, I want to spend all my time blogging and working on the loft but honestly, right now it's all about SAT prep, college apps, and making my portfolio. School's tough man, I just want it to be second semester already, ugh! What are you guys up to lately? To see more of me irl, follow me on snapchat (olivia.ruffin) for an even closer look into my life. Cause that's totally not creepy at all ;)

Love you guys to the moon and back! <3


The Folk Collection

Sunday, September 6, 2015
on me: top- Zara // hat- Target // pants- Forever 21 //
on Cammie: dress- Forever 21 // necklace- Altar'd State //

It may be 90 degrees outside, but maybe if I wear neutrals, warmer colors and velvet, Fall will come sooner.... or maybe I'll just sweat a lot more...... I've actually taken photos at this location before, but in winter so it looked very very different. You can see those photos here if you want. But this time, instead of taking photos with Maddy, I took them with Cammie! (Hey Maddy, ily) Cammie is a sophomore, possibly my all time favorite sophomore. She and I are relatively new friends but I feel like I've known her for forever. Not to mention she is the #1 to take photos with. Look how photogenic she is! Total babe alert, am I right? Also I just love how folksy these photos turned out!! I'm way into that look as well now :)

It's Labor Day weekend, and I've spent it doing all sorts of painting, rearranging, decorating, essay writing, photo editing, Harry Potter watching, Hamlet reading, all the above and so much more, so not exactly a lot of relaxing... ughhhh. Hey ya know, your girls gettin' stuff done!! Heck yeah! I think tomorrow I am going to take some cool tree photos... I have an idea but I'm not so sure how it'll turn out... we'll see. Also I have been craving a smoothie bowl, so be checking insta (@olivebarrett) for smoothie updates ;)

Have a terrific night, hope your long weekend is nothing but pleasant! xx


Tennis Courts

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Hey guys! I've always wanted to do a photoshoot on a tennis court but I've never really quite had the perfect tennis outfit. I've gotten really into wearing one piece bathing suits as tops, there's something about how well they fit and just how flattering they are, also not to mention the iconic appeal of anything vintage. Also, flirty little tennis skirts are my weakness, soooooo basically this entire outfit is my jam. Also the fact that I got home and noticed on Snapchat the US Open live story was on, what a coincidence! 

So yesterday was my last first day of high school. I'm a senior!!! Finally guys, FINALLY. It was super fun, we all dressed up as princesses because "this is our k1n6dom" get it? '16? Class of 2016? Yeah it was awesome.

I'll talk to you homies later, bye!! xx