Crazy Hair

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Good Morning my little angelbabies! This is what I wore yesterday to school and I thought I'd share the few pics I took! Today we have a snow day and I am soooo thankful because that gives me 1. time to finish packing stress free,  2. time to finish an essay that's essentially due this afternoon, and 3. time to chillll out. I really needed this snow day. It's some nice time to relax before my trip. Thank you mother nature!!
 tights and socks- Forever 21 // shoes- Dankos // dress and jacket- thrifted

I bought this jacket on Tuesday at Goodwill and I loooooovvveee it. It's soo soft and fluffy. I thought about bringing it with me to India, but I didn't want to mess it up, I'm nervous for this withdraw ya'll... jk


Tomorrow at 5am I take off for India. INDIA. I know, it's still so hard for me to grasp too... I am so unbelievably lucky to be taking such an extravagant trip with some great people. I can't wait to share all of my photos and stories of my various adventures and excursions.

With that being said, I am not taking my phone or laptop with me, why? Well, 1. It's heavy 2. limited to no service anywhere 3. risk of loosing them or getting them stolen. I will be taking millions of pictures I know that for sure, and making a video too! AH I'M SO EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!! And I will share everything as soon as I return! Spring Break is the following week, so I'll have time to catch up on blogging.

I'm honestly pretty dang nervous too, I mean, India, that's across the world. I wont be in contact with anyone back home. And the flight we are going on is a red eye for 14-15 hours. That's a lot of time up in the air. I love flying but I get weird about my space sometimes and I don't know if I can sit tight for that long without freaking out. Ehhhh we'll see. I'm sure it'll be fine, I'm just psyching myself out. 

See you in eleven days ;) Stay fine all you beautiful honeys xox

The Most Important Thing We Can Do

Monday, February 23, 2015

Helloooo! Here's an amazing article that my sister wrote that should basically be in the New York Times it's so good. It's about the fact that we have two options in terms of how we will engage with the future of our planet. One is right, and one is very very deadly. Which will you choose? Seriously, this is the most important things we should focus on. Read it, share the love and leave a comment! We can make a difference in the world!

Check it out here!