Sunday, May 25, 2014

Words With Sunday from Olivia on Vimeo. The song I used is "Don't Save Me" by HAIM

Words With Sunday is back! At lastttt my loooveee has come alongg...
The video pretty much says it all :)
But here's what it says just in case you missed it.....

We once again went to Max's on Broad, but this time with the fam! (Saunders is at beach week and my mom is busy getting ready for her surgery this week) I ordered the Brioche French Toast, and let me tell you, wow. It was so so good. SO getting that again!
skirt (similar), shirt, vest (similar) - Forever 21 // earrings - gifted // shoes - Ferragamo's // glasses - IZod

Rings and things...
infinity ring - Etsy (thanks Ally <3) 
black ring - gifted
triangle ring - Ashby's 
"starburst" ring - Burlington 
two silver bracelets - camp (it's a pretty big deal / tradition to have one of these yall)
clutch - Target
I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing long weekend! I know I am! Does anyone have any memorial day plans? All I know is all be cooped up studying for exams... bleh. I will be sharing a pretty fun post with you all tomorrow however which I have been so excited to share! Any guesses as to what it may be? Here's a hint, USA USA USA!! haha, have a good one :) xoxolivia.

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