Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do you remember just one year ago when I was just a few months into blogging and I told you how to dress on today's holiday? Looking back at that post I just look so young, and my photo editing was also so young... oyy... there are a few more St. Patty's posts from last year here, and here
 As for this St. Patrick's day... the warmth has fled (once again...) and it snowed! Can you believe it? I woke up and looked out my window and saw snow, it was super early and my mind was still sleepy so I went back to bed... I thought I was dreaming but when I looked out the window I wasn't mistaken, it had snowed, and a lot. Sadly however, by the time I got to taking the photos, when the snow had actually stopped, it had quickly started to melt-- there goes my extended Spring Break snow day :(

On another note regarding these photos, my camera was acting up today while I was testing out new settings and such, so pardon some blurriness etcetera and so forth...
 Saunders isn't really into posing with me... humph... 
The weather has been so moody lately and my skin has been so dry and knuckles cracked and all that uncomfortable stuff... Hopefully you can't even notice but I am not wearing any makeup in these photos just by the way, if you were wondering...
My dress was thrifted as were my shoes but my tights are from Target...
I hope everyone wore green and didn't get pinched! I did early this morning (thanks a lot mama that hurt) but then I changed and wore my green with Irish pride, woohoo! What did you all do this holiday? I go back to school tomorrow also, so that's fun. xoxolivia
ps. something that makes me happy...? this right hur:

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