Enthrall in Fall

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friends! It's here!
The sun has started shining a little cooler, the wind has picked up a skip in it's step, leaves are changing, and best of all... here's to heavy sweaters and tights. 
In early September most/many people reminisce about the previous summer days behind them. But I am not a heat person, what. so. ever. therefor early September, especially mid-late September I crave fall. Crisp air, goose bumps, everything is fresh. Oh so enchanting. 

Are you possibly wondering what I am wearing?
sweater // thrifted
dress // TJMaxx
earrings // my sisters best friend as an 8th grade graduation present (thanks Rosie <3)
tights // F21
boots // hand•me•downs
belt // ribbon and a flower hair clip ;) DIY me maybe?

What's your favorite part of fall?
xo. Olivia


  1. Hi Olivia. I love this outfit on you. It looks very polished and yet casual and fun at the same time. The only thing I love at fall is that I can wear my scarfs and boots again, but that's all, I am not a Autumn person at all.
    I am visiting from Passion for Fashion #36

    have a lovely weekend

  2. what a wonderful sweater! nice job thrifting it :))


  3. dear Olivia...I wish I was as adorable as you at your age...love your blog and outfits. I am so into polka dots right now, and the tights and belt are simply amazing...I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, so we don't really have a autumn or fall here...but I grew up in Washington and loved fall the most. My favorite was the weather cooled down a bit with nice breezes but still most days the sun was out. And the pretty leaves!

  4. I think everyone is loving the change in season. Seriously, if we could keep sweater weather forever I'd be happy.

    Great dress and sweater combo. The boots are a definite yes.

  5. None. I don't like Autumn. I prefer to say Autumn. I don't like it because I have been in the hospital 3 times and they were all in the Autumn / October. Except twice when I had my two children (in May and August). All the other times were in October - ya. So I don't like Autumn. Or perhaps it doesn't like me?

    Adorable outfit tho. Way cute. I'm Renae at #35 at Tara and Rachel's. {i try to like Autumn, i do}

  6. Thank you for all the fall love! I agree with you all completely I mean who doesn't love fall!!!??

  7. Such fun tights, and love that sweater! I'm so excited it's cooling down too- nothing better than summer ending in Phoenix :)

  8. i have been looking for a cardigan just like this!! you lucky lady! this whole outfit is so so fun, really lovely!Thanks so much for linking up to Passion For Fashion, i hope to see you tomorrow! xx


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