Slightly Innocent Yet Rather Dark

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This afternoon I ventured out into the attic of my garage and dappled around with some lights and a camera. I mean lights, camera, action... right? Yeah not so much...
I love looking through my closet and finding old gems that I haven't worn in AGES, or even at all! They make for the best photo shoots. Although the attic is somewhere around 100┬║, it is one of my favorite places to shoot. Traipsing around in my white Ferragamos in a dust hole with spider webs and dead buggies all around; it was fun!

I take pride in my strange photos. 


Despite the baby pink ribbons on my dress and my sweet intent, I love how dark these photos are. Oh so creepy, yet not so much. Does that make sense? Maybe that's just me. 

I go to camp on Monday...
I'm not sure what I am going to do for my blog I don't want to just let it rot and get all cobwebby! Since I cannot update while at camp... hummm.... well we'll see what happens, if anything. 

Au Revoir! 

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