My Favorite Blogs // Scheduled Camp Post #1

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

As you know I am at camp right now. So before I left I made a ton of blog entries that are scheduled to post on certain dates. This is my first one. I hope you enjoy the blogger love!
A Beautiful Mess is a really well known awesome blog. Emma and Elsie do things from photo shoots, beauty tips, weddings, amazing DIY's to just daily activities. They're blog is super cute, and they update up to a couple times a day :) 

A Girl Named Leney, is a simple blog that is mainly focused on Leney's photography buisness, but then again her daily life and thoughts. Leney is such a sweet girl, I even got the chance to meet her when we did a photoshoot a few weeks ago!

The Perfect Pear is also a great blog. Lauren is such a talented blog designer, so if you ever need help with your blog, check her out!

Keen, formaly known at "Just a Dash of Keena" is a fantastic lifestyle blog. I have been following Keena for a really long time and I'm always interested and entertained to learn about her life and style! 

Beverly from, What a Day was the first blog that I ever followed. She is super quirky and intelligent. She is funny and so sweet, I have loved getting to know her through her many posts :) 

A Lavender Sea is by far one of my favorite blogs. Tessa has the coolest life! She was going into her senior year of high school when her family just decided, "Hey, let's move to Spain!" She takes such lovely photos of her travels and adventures throughout Europe. 

I hope you like my favorite blogs as much as I do!

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