At Home With Olivia (that's me)

Sunday, June 16, 2013
I got the idea to start doing "At Home With..." posts from the blog, A Beautiful Mess. 
I have plans for who's homes I would like to photograph, but I decided to start with mine. Just simply my room. I really enjoy looking through photos of houses and interior decor. I hope you do too, because that is what this post is...
My room is very colorful and has a lot going on. 

One of my walls is devoted mainly to clothing and beauty products. I know that sounds weird, but it's pretty cool. 

Dress closet, with additional bag storage and teeshirt and sock drawer. 

I like to display photos of my friends, family and just other fun things all around. I made these photo strips a long time ago, hence the braces and bad lighting... back in the day when I didn't know how to use white balancing and edit photos in raw... chuckle. 

I work at my desk during the school year when I do my homework (yuck) but over time it becomes an area for me to just pile things.. oops. 
I have a desktop computer that I use to blog on sometimes, but it is in desperate need for an update. Once I update it then I can always use it to blog! And my laptop's start up disk wont be full all the time. 

I love lollypops, especially the bubblegum ones. 

In the red bottle beneath the flowers, is my secret stash of money... teeheeheee, oh so sneaky. 

Here is a better view of my wall...
On the left you see my shelving of hats; make up, nail polish and beauty books; sunglasses; head bands, aka my favorite hair accessory; small handbags and purses; and short boots. In the middle on the top rack are my coats, sweaters and outerwear. On the bottom rack are skirts and nice shirts. To the right you'll see more shoes, and comfy clothing. On the very top are old things that I have had since I was just a wee one. And then my sewing things: machine, fabric, measuring kits. In the closet to the right you see scarves and belts hanging from the door and inside are dresses and tall boots.  
And that's my room!
Also the curtains hanging down can come out to cover up the wall... also useful for a photoshoot backdrop ;)


  1. He there Olivia! Can I first say that I absolutely LOVE your closet?!? AMAZING haha, I'd definitely trade you!

    Also, I'm redoing my blog and I was wondering if there was any way that you could make a blog button that is 200 x 200 (or really any height as long as it was 200 wide) I know that sounds crazy but sometimes I'm just a weird perfectionist! You can just let me know! Thanks!

    Erica Michelle

    1. Why thank you thank you, trust me, it gets seriously messy sometimes.

      Of course I can make one :) I was thinking about changing it up anyway with a more recent photo, I'll do that now and have it up probably by the latest 6:30.


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