Henry & Ann A Brief Photoshoot

Saturday, May 25, 2013

After the reception at CCV Ann, Henry, Ally and I went back to Ann's house and talked with Ann's family for a little bit but then Ally and I took great opportunity and decided to take a few (tons) of photos of Ann and Henry. PHOTOSHOOT!!

At first they were a little awkward. Well Ally and I were being weird and hyper so it was an expected reaction. 

A few selfies and they were photoshoot ready!

Ally is the bomb.com when it comes to photography. 

I love this picture of Ally so SO much it's super cool. For some reason I have always liked photos of people taking photos. 


  1. you are beautiful, i like your blog :) can you become one of my followers on my blog, I will put button of your blog on mine :)

    1. http://enterlalaland1.blogspot.com/

    2. Of course!! I checked it out and it is super cute :)


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