Do You Remember When...?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Here are a series of photos that I liked, some of them are semi old and others aren't. Well either way...
Do you remember when,
It was only September and the school year had just started... now it's almost over

Selfies were where it was at

Spring time photoshoots some how never had allergies tied along with it. 

I had bangs

I died my hair three times

On the weekends I climbed on school property and called my self a rebel

Brother sister photoshoots were something that happened on the reg... kinda

everyone had braces. 
Emma wasn't in college

The only pictures you ever wanted to take was a jumping picture

And yeah.

These were some old pictures from years past. Just a little something random. 

Have a great rest of your day! :)


  1. i DO remember these well --
    and i love what you've done here with your blog --
    always something cool to look at........................

    1. thanks so much! i update it a lot :)
      p.s. I like your name ;)


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