This Is Me

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is me:
Olivia Barrett Ruffin
loves fashion
hates nachos
wants to be a talk show host
twin sister: Katie Jennison {same last name...?}
best friends: Ally Joanna Isabelle Lucy
hates french and sleep and tea- too cliché 
likes leaves
thinks that smart phones take up too much time
likes to Skype instead of doing homework
born in Palo Alto, CA
1998 baby
getting mail is the best feeling ever
owns an over flowing bulletin board with pictures 
makes collages 
gets Taylor Swift songs stuck in head {often}
only will ever use little kid sparkle tooth paste
older sister emma
older brother saunders
wishes life were like Jane By Design
aspires to be retro
blogging is cool 

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