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HELLO FROM COLORADO! I'm not sure if I mentioned or not to you guys that Nate and I were traveling out to Boulder to visit Emma, Saunders and Charlie, but... HERE WE ARE! Man oh man, it's only day one and we are loving the heck out of this place. Everywhere you turn there is something new and beautiful. Not pictured here was our day trip to WATER WORLD, which by the way was the BEST ADVENTURE EVER!
All those photos above were taken in Charlie's backyard. I kid you not, you walk out the door and see all this magic madness. I'm in love <3
And then here is Emma's backyard! Sorta, it's like two blocks up, but two very very easy quick walks. Man am I jealous, I mean yeah, we have our little koi babies in our yard at home, but nothing, NOTHING, compared to this. More to come tomorrow :))


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Good Morning lovelies :) the other day Joanna and I were experimenting with different toast toppings, and they actually turned out really well, so I thought I'd share! For the toast, all each one is the 7 grain ezekiel bread, which is soooo good!

For the base we blended up some Tofutti vegan cream cheese and fresh cut strawberries, we didn't measure anything specifically out just sort of added to taste and how we much we felt we needed. We also didn't blend it up completely, we left some strawberry chunks in there for texture.

And then just top with Strawberries and Pomegranates :)

This was our most simple toast, the base was just Justin's chocolate peanut butter, then topped with sliced bananas and more pomegranates.

Unfortunately, this toast turned out to be pretty dry, so I recommend adding more bananas or blueberries.


A fan favorite, the base is simply just mashed avocado!

Topped with baby tomatoes, sesame seeds, and if you like, balsamic vinegar- which isn't shown in the picture because it's really seriously unphotogenic.

For this toast, we did the same thing we did for the strawberry toast, mixed Tofutti cream cheese and chopped blueberries. This was pretty tangy tasting, so we also added sugar to taste.

Then for the top, as you can see, bananas and blueberries!! Piece of cake!
And there you have it! If you try any of these, let me know! Tag me in a photo on Instagram or use #allthoselittlethingsblog, or feel free to email me too! I always love hearing from you guys <3 Enjoy!


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HEY FAM!! The other day, Ally and I went on a little road trip to check out the Shop Stevie pop up shop hosted by one of our longtime favorite bloggers, Keena Peery, and then spend some time at the beach! We had a great time meeting everyone and playing around in the ocean. We ate great Chinese food and danced in front of self timer, what's better than that? I will do an outfit post sometime soon showing off what I bought, will probably take those photos later today actually... So you'll be seeing them soon :) Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed our road trip! (AND THAT'S A LOT OF ENJOYMENT SO YOU BETTER LIKE THEM) (lol sorry for the aggression)



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HEY GUYS!! Sorry it's been so long, but the wifi at my house is pretty much nonexistent and I don't have all the money in the world to continue to buy soy chi lattes from Starbucks so I can hog their wifi either... But I'm here now! Anyway, last week I had my summer student orientation for SCAD, and OMG, let me tell you, it was SOO MUCH FUN! I am so SO freaking excited for school to start. Only 60 days! (which is soooo long, most of my friends start school in early or mid August, and I'm just here chillin with two more months at home... ugh) Okay well let's get started:
This is our student center! It is an old mosque which has been swanked up to be all SCAD-y, hence the cool color changing ceiling... SO cool! We had a karaoke night in here.
We also went to the beach! Luckily SCAD is only 20 minutes from the beach, which is SO nice oh my gosh. I <3 Tybee!! Also these are some of the friends I made while I was there! We are all fashion majors which is exciting so I know we will stay in touch :)
Then the next day, once orientation was over, the whole fam went to my FAVE breakfast place in Savannah (so far at least) Collins Quarter. SOOO YUMMY! Just scope that avo toast *heart eyes heart eyes*
Peep the new sticker
Overall, the short trip just reminded me of how much I love my school and how excited I am to get started in the fall. I feel like SCAD is honestly the best place for me, the only place for me! I can't wait to dive into the wonderful world of art school!!!!!!! xoxo
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