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Last Sunrise

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Good morning lovelies <3
I hope everything is all good in the hood, I've taken too long to try to write this post. So I'm back home again, but this time for real. However, in the past week (four days) that I was in Savannah at school, I was able to do this fun shoot at sunrise with my roomies! Our friend Cassie took these photos for us and did a great job! Check out her Instagram for sure :)

If you notice, from previous posts with my room mates, someone is missing, and there is someone new... Meet Cher! I won't go into too much detail, but basically the girl who was living with us before, turned out to be not at all who we thought she was when we all agreed to room together. BUT! she moved out and Cher saved the day and moved in! We had all been close friends with Cher since day one, and she had roommate issues too, so it worked out perfectly :) Now everything is stress free and we are all able to just be ourselves and actually have fun. Cher moving in was probably the most refreshing thing to ever happen in the history of everything. Go Cher! Go America! Go BEES!
For this photoshoot, we wanted it to have a sort of "folksy" mood, it is sunrise in a field of tall stuff after all... I think we did a pretty okay job ;) Most of all I think the best thing about these photos had to be just the fact that I am posing beside the best people. These girls are my total support system! It's so nice to be able to come back to the dorm after a tough critique or something to their smiling faces, making me laugh and all that mushy stuff :) I love you guys! 
Richmond, VA, USA

Golden Kids

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello Hello from RVA! I'm home for Thanksgiving, and let me tell you, everything here is SOOO beautiful. Back in Savannah, it's like fall doesn't even exist! The trees don't change color, it doesn't get cooler out, everything kind of just dies, and it'll get cold, but then PSYCHE! Its 80 degrees again! It's confusing, ya know?

The other day, Nate an I went on a photo adventure around Richmond so he could get some cool shots for his film photography final project. Of course, we got some along the way for this lil ol' blog too :) So here they are! Enjoy :)
Savannah, GA, USA


Thursday, November 24, 2016

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